Exciting News! Vera Bella Is Going Virtual!

May 10, 2013

In my last blog, I announced Vera Bella, the new program I am starting in the Fall for girls in Arizona grades 8th-12th! I am overjoyed with how everything is falling into place. Our first meeting doesn’t happen until August, 2013 and we already have 42 girls and counting! I am busy planning and working out the many details involved in running this program. As my focus has been on my local program here in Arizona, I had a few mothers and church leaders across the country requesting access to the program now. I received the below e-mail from a mom who got me thinking!!

She wrote, “Is it possible for you to webcam the program for those out of the state of Arizona and for girls to participate and learn who may be too old by the time the curriculum is completed? I would be happy to pay a fee online or something for this service. Please consider opening this program up to webcam for girls to log in and be a part of it from the beginning! I have four daughters and one is 20 and struggling in all these areas. She can't wait a year. Please pray and strongly consider this option for parents further away than Arizona.”

My motherly heart understands this mom's desire to want this program for her daughter NOW! I prayed on it and felt truly confident that I could make this happen! I will not be offering a live video feed from our meetings in order to protect the girls in the program from online video exposure, but I have decided to create a video from each formation session and make it available online to girls or small group leaders who register for the virtual program.

There will be 8-9 videos made available beginning in August 2013. Each video will have a Scripture meditation, teaching, reflection questions, and a testimonial. In addition, I am making it an option for girls to join a group together with an adult leader to more fully engage in video content.

I am really excited to be able to make Vera Bella available to girls across America who desire to understand more fully what makes them truly beautiful and feminine! Please share the website with anyone you know who may want to register! I need help getting the word out!

In addition, on the website there is a button to donate for anyone who would like to partner with Vera Bella to financially assist in providing young women with scholarships or to help fund the video project.

Also, please pray for Vera Bella’s Arizona program as well as the virtual video series! I know girls are desperately in need of hearing the truth about who God created them to be.

Check out our update website at www.verabella.org which now includes the option to register for the virtual program!


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