Vera Bella Attractive Dress

Modesty: Refuse to unveil the mystery of who you are!

We hope this helps you to be stylish and creative while promoting your dignity, enhancing your beauty, and protecting your mystery! 

Four quick tips for keeping your wardrobe in check: 

1.     Skirts and shorts should be long enough that when you bend forward and touch your hands to the ground your upper thigh and buttocks are covered. And, if you sit with your legs criss-cross on the floor, you should be modestly comfortable.

2.     Refrain from wearing tube-tops or spaghetti-straps. Tank tops should be at least three fingers thick and rest comfortably on your chest so as not to reveal cleavage. Bra straps should never be showing.

3.     Shirts should be long enough to cover your pants so that when you sit, your underwear is not revealed. Underwear should remain hidden at all times!

4.     See-through materials or clothing that is too tight (skin-tight jeans, leggings, workout pants, Yoga pants, etc) reveal too much of your beautiful mystery, so please refrain from wearing those unless you wear a long top over them so as to cover your buttocks and part of your thighs. If a skirt or dress is see-through when light is shinning upon them, wear a slip or shorts underneath.

                              Five quick tips to help you be in style, comfortable, attractive, and MODEST!

1.     Buy clothing that fits your body-type! Embrace you and not the image on the cover of a magazine! You are beautiful just as you are!

2.     Layer clothes. Layering often helps allow you to have the length in shirts you need to not reveal your stomach all the while looking cute and stylish.

3.     Stitch it up! If you like a skirt but it has a slit up the front or sides, sew the slits and make the skirt modest.

4.     Get a modesty buddy! Modesty is hard to accomplish in our culture but it is not impossible! It would be easier if you have a friend, a sibling, or a parent that you can take shopping with you who can be HONEST with you about what you are trying on. Surrender to not buying everything you want, HAVE TO HAVE, or think you can fit into it some day, but rather the things that really fit who you are right in this moment!

5.     Invite Jesus into your closet! Would you feel comfortable in these clothes if Jesus we standing right in front of you?