• Parents are the primary educators of their children and it is the mission of Vera Bella to assist you with the formation of your daughter/s.
  • For the Arizona Program, Vera Bella will only exist as long as parents are willing to assist us in making sure the administrative details are accomplished throughout the year. Parents will be encouraged to sign up to bring food to meetings, and to retreats and help with different events.
  • Parents will be required to sign a commitment statement that acknowledges that the same Catholic values and morals that will be taught in Vera Bella will be upheld and encouraged at home.
  • Please view our "Suggested Dress" tab and help your child make the best choices for picking out their clothing to wear to Vera Bella meetings, events, and in their daily lives. We will be encouraging them to dress in a modest and attractive fashion.
  • Below is our Safe Environment policy to help create appropriate boundaries between our leaders and your teens. Please make your teens aware of these policies. 
  • Vera Bella Adult Leaders Safe Environment Rules

    * Adult leaders in Vera Bella agree to take and keep up-to-date with the Phoenix Diocese Safe Environment Training (

    * In regards to teenagers under the age of 18 in the Vera Bella Program, adult leaders AGREE NOT TO accept friend requests for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media, call or text, e-mail, or meet one-on-one privately.

    * All communication to a teen will be through their parents. A parent or group must always be present when a teen and an adult leader are together.

    * Adult leaders agree to avoid physical contact with teens.

    * If a teen reports abuse of any sort to a Vera Bella leader, the leader is mandated to report the allegations immediately to law enforcement, then to Melanie Pritchard as the organizer of Vera Bella.

    * Adult leaders agree to dress according to the Vera Bella guidelines that are given to the girls in the program. They are listed on this website.

Below are some suggested resources for parents. More will be added soon!

James Stenson-

  • IPhone App-Catholic Marriage MP3- Free version has some great talks. One every parents should listen to is "Raising Children of Character" by James Stenson.
  • Family Rules: The Power of "We..."-
  • Danger Signs: Families Headed for Trouble -

Net Smartz-  
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