I'm one of the girls who attended Vera Bella this year! I want to thank you so, so much for doing this for us! You have no idea how much it has helped me. You revived my weak Faith and I am SO much more confident in myself!! From day one, I've been in love with this program...I absolutely LOVED attending the formation sessions and the different outings you planned for us :) Thank you so much, Melanie! You have inspired me to go out and teach others about our beautiful religion and to not be afraid of who I am! And it means a lot that you take time out of your own personal life and dedicate it to us girls! Every word you spoke through that mic has toughed my heart and I will treasure every second I spent with the Vera Bella team! I am super excited for next year, as well as the Apologetics Boot Camp this summer! Again, I am so grateful to you! This program is the best program I have ever joined :) God bless you! -Teen Participant from Vera Bella

Thank you for organizing the Catholic Teen Apologetics Bootcamp this summer. The two days were so impactful to my daughters. They were greatly inspired by the speakers and learned how to gracefully impact others with their Catholic faith and beliefs.  We discussed the presentations the entire drive home and for hours after.  Their conviction in their faith was strengthened. Thank you for all your work! -Mother of a Bootcamp Participant

Thank you so much to you and your team for putting on a fantastic camp for teens the last couple of days! Although I must admit that my son was hesitant to go, I sent him anyway because I thought it would be good for him. His experience with other youth programs has left him disappointed due to lack of substance. People seem to think that teens only want to have fun. Than you for offering a program that doesn't talk down to teens. You assume a level of intelligence and challenge them to take our culture head-on. This is what our teens need. He came home talking about all of the things he learned. His only criticism was really more of a compliment. He said that he wished it had been five half days rather than two full days. He would have liked to have had a chance to mull over the topics that were covered. He felt that it was so much packed into two days that he couldn't remember it all. Yet, when I asked questions about the talks, he did seem to take in quite a bit. We hope that you will offer this camp again next summer. -Mother of a Bootcamp Participant