2013-2014 Virtual Small Group Application

If an adult leader would like to lead a small group of 3-10 girls grades 8th-12th using the Vera Bella Year 1 Videos, they need to fill out the following registration form and submit it along with a payment of $80.00 per participant. This saves the girls $10 in registration fees.  The benefit of a small group will allow girls to engage more fully in the videos by allowing them to dialogue about the reflections, teachings, testimonies, and formulated questions.

The leader will receive a link to the videos monthly beginning in August of 2013. The leader may forward the link to the video to only the small group members listed here and have them watch the clips before the meeting to discuss or the leader may show the girls all at once at a meeting. A video will be posted for approximately one month before it is taken down and another one is put up.

For groups of more than 10 girls, please contact Melanie Pritchard to obtain permission to run the program and use the Vera Bella name. Email melanie@melaniepritchard.org.

Please fill out every field on this form.

Please make sure to submit the payment fees listed to the right of this form.

I agree to only use the Vera Bella videos in the manner described on this page.

I agree to inform the parents of my small group of their participation in the group.

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Vera Bella is providing you the videos to teach a small group. We are trusting that you will ensure that the number of participants does not exceed 10 members.

Please pay the fees associated with this registration in order to receive the videos.



Number of Members