2013-2014 FREE Virtual Registration


Vera Bella 2013-14 Individual Virtual Subscription is FREE for the 2013-2014 Program Year! 


We hope to engage people from across the country to see the value of having a virtue program like Vera Bella in their schools and churches. We also hope to receive feedback from participants so that we can make any needed improvements before distributing the program to a wider audience.

Vera Bella is happy to announce that girls across the USA can participate in the program individually from their computers or in a small group for FREE! 

Just simply fill out the registration below by October 30, 2013!

In late October, those who are registered for the virtual program will receive a link to a video which will have a scripture study, a teaching, a witness, and reflection questions. The girls will have approximately 20 days to view the video before it is taken down and a new one is put up. There will be 8-9 videos posted this year.

Free Virtual Program Registration: Please fill out every field on this form.

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